Gaming tech: what’s the next step? 

The gaming sector is always moving forward and using new technology to improve. Think of the first 8-bit games and trace how things have changed since then, for example. First, new tech allowed for 16-bit games, then 32-bit, and then consoles really took off. Of course, gaming tech is now even further along than that, which just proves the point. A few years ago, who would have thought that we would be playing at online casinos or enjoying games on mobile phones? 

This naturally leads you to wonder where gaming tech may be headed to next. You will probably be pretty impressed with what console, mobile and online games you can access now. They all have great graphics and sound, but the new wave of gaming technology will blow all that away. 

Gaming as a sector can never afford to stand still, which is why the latest tech being developed is so important.

Next-gen online casinos

One major way that people love to play games now is at online casino sites. Stakers casino games show just why this is, with a great choice of fun slots and table games to try out. It is highly likely that the online casino sites and games will only become more realistic and engaging as game technology advances. This will allow online casinos to offer improved versions of their live dealer games for a true-to-life experience from your own home, along with ultra-funky titles from the biggest game providers around.

Virtual reality

One major step that gaming tech is already taking is with virtual reality (VR). VR headsets are more accessible than ever for you as a player now and allow for a truly immersive gaming experience. This could be via a console or even a special VR online casino. Many online casino operators are starting to realize the superb application that VR could have for their sector and are building specific VR sites with VR games to meet this need. Even for playing standard video games on, VR is the next trend in gaming tech that looks set to take off.

Social VR

The next gaming tech trend that could be big is social VR. Using VR technology, it will allow you to connect with your friends in the virtual space to interact with them. This way of enjoying games would offer an entirely new dimension for players, and would really open up what can be done within games. This is also another area that online casinos could be interested in as the social aspect that this tech brings would also be very useful to them. 

Augmented reality

Though VR is taking all the headlines as the next step forward for gaming tech, augmented reality (AR) may just be the better bet of the two. AR uses similar technology but actually adds to the reality that you would see in games to make them truly unique and creative. A great example of an AR game is Pokémon GO, which was massive when first released. Many now expect the next wave of AR tech to be upon gaming soon and give new ways to enjoy playing.

Cloud technology for gaming

Many industry experts predict that the cloud will be used more for gaming going forward. The reasons why are pretty simple: it is easier for you to access a wider choice of games as well as having more storage on it. Game developers are also buying into cloud tech in a big way as it gives them much more power and scope to produce bigger, more detailed games. 

Games that track your emotions

One interesting piece of gaming technology that you may see soon is emotion tracking. This uses cutting-edge technology that analyses your facial expressions as you play to see how you are feeling. The game would then personalize the content and game experience, based on your emotions at the time. It sounds pretty wild and would certainly provide a new, unique experience in gaming!

Gaming technology is always moving

There is one thing that is always certain when it comes to gaming tech – it never stops! The industry is constantly looking at ways to give you the best gaming experience possible and in more realistic ways. This is why technological advances such as VR and AR are likely to be so big – they give you ways of not only playing but also experiencing games that are totally new. Whatever gaming tech advances we do see in the next few years, you as the player are likely to be the main winner.