KBR, Inc. (NYSE:KBR) saw a significant increase in short interest in December. As of December 31st, there was short interest totalling 4,670,000 shares, an increase of 11.5% from the December 15th total of 4,190,000 shares. Based on an average trading volume of 1,160,000 shares, the short-interest ratio is currently 4.0 days. Approximately 3.3% of the company’s stock are sold short.

In other news, EVP Eileen Akerson sold 1,278 shares of the business’s stock in a transaction dated Monday, November 4th. The shares were sold at an average price of $29.38, for a total transaction of $37,547.64. Following the completion of the sale, the executive vice president now directly owns 76,595 shares of the company’s stock, valued at $2,250,361.10. The transaction was disclosed in a legal filing with the SEC, which is available at this hyperlink. Insiders own 0.92% of the company’s stock.

A number of institutional investors have recently added to or reduced their stakes in KBR. Point72 Asset Management L.P. boosted its stake in KBR by 53.9% in the third quarter. Point72 Asset Management L.P. now owns 548,257 shares of the construction company’s stock valued at $13,454,000 after acquiring an additional 192,067 shares during the last quarter. Cookson Peirce & Co. Inc. purchased a new position in KBR in the third quarter valued at about $3,332,000. Public Employees Retirement System of Ohio boosted its stake in KBR by 15.6% in the third quarter. Public Employees Retirement System of Ohio now owns 100,057 shares of the construction company’s stock valued at $2,455,000 after acquiring an additional 13,485 shares during the last quarter. Mackay Shields LLC boosted its stake in KBR by 55.6% in the third quarter. Mackay Shields LLC now owns 122,600 shares of the construction company’s stock valued at $3,008,000 after acquiring an additional 43,800 shares during the last quarter. Finally, Nomura Holdings Inc. purchased a new stake in shares of KBR during the 3rd quarter valued at approximately $215,000. Institutional investors and hedge funds own 98.83% of the company’s stock.

Several equities research analysts have recently commented on the stock. Cowen reissued a “buy” rating and set a $34.00 target price on shares of KBR in a research report on Wednesday, December 18th. ValuEngine downgraded shares of KBR from a “hold” rating to a “sell” rating in a research report on Friday, January 3rd. One equities research analyst has rated the stock with a sell rating, three have assigned a hold rating and five have issued a buy rating to the company’s stock. The stock presently has an average rating of “Hold” and an average target price of $28.88.

KBR stock traded down $0.11 during midday trading on Thursday, hitting $29.87. 31,168 shares of the stock were exchanged, compared to its average volume of 1,091,452. KBR has a 52-week low of $16.63 and a 52-week high of $31.13. The stock has a market capitalization of $4.19 billion, a price-to-earnings ratio of 19.53, a price-to-earnings-growth ratio of 1.31 and a beta of 1.43. The business’s 50-day moving average price is $30.17 and its 200-day moving average price is $27.05. The company has a quick ratio of 1.28, a current ratio of 1.28 and a debt-to-equity ratio of 0.77.

KBR (NYSE:KBR) last released its quarterly earnings results on Wednesday, October 30th. The construction company reported $0.45 earnings per share for the quarter, topping the consensus estimate of $0.44 by $0.01. KBR had a net margin of 3.39% and a return on equity of 12.77%. The business had revenue of $1.43 billion for the quarter, compared to analysts’ expectations of $1.42 billion. On average, sell-side analysts predict that KBR will post 1.69 earnings per share for the current fiscal year.

The company also recently declared a quarterly dividend, which was paid on Wednesday, January 15th. Investors of record on Monday, December 16th were issued a dividend of $0.08 per share. This represents a $0.32 annualized dividend and a yield of 1.07%. The ex-dividend date was Friday, December 13th. KBR’s dividend payout ratio (DPR) is presently 20.92%.

About KBR

KBR, Inc provides professional services and technologies across the asset and program life-cycle within the government services and hydrocarbons industries worldwide. The company operates through three segments: Government Services, Technology & Consulting, and Engineering & Construction. The Government Services segment offers life-cycle support solutions to defense, space, aviation, and other programs and missions for government agencies in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia.

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