SPECTRIS PLC/ADR (OTCMKTS:SEPJY) was downgraded by Zacks Investment Research from a “hold” rating to a “sell” rating in a research note issued to investors on Tuesday, Zacks.com reports.

According to Zacks, “Spectris Plc manufactures, develops and supplies industrial automation equipment. The company comprises Materials Analysis segment, Test & Measurement segment, In-Line Instrumentation segment and Industrial Controls segment. The Materials Analysis segment provides products to determine structure, composition, quantity and quality of particles and materials. The Test and Measurement segment supplies test, measurement and analysis equipment and software for product design, manufacturing control and environmental monitoring systems. The In-line Instrumentation segment provides process analytical measurement, asset monitoring and on-line controls for both primary processing and the converting industries. The Industrial Controls segment provides products and solutions which monitor, control, inform, track and trace during the production process. Spectris Plc is headquartered in Egham, the United Kingdom. “

SEPJY opened at $12.50 on Tuesday. The firm’s fifty day moving average is $12.50 and its two-hundred day moving average is $15.06. The company has a debt-to-equity ratio of 0.13, a quick ratio of 1.30 and a current ratio of 1.75. The firm has a market cap of $2.90 billion, a PE ratio of 11.68, a price-to-earnings-growth ratio of 1.83 and a beta of 0.92. SPECTRIS PLC/ADR has a twelve month low of $13.51 and a twelve month high of $18.50.

SPECTRIS PLC/ADR Company Profile

Spectris plc manufactures and sells measuring instruments and controls worldwide. It operates through four segments: Materials Analysis, Test and Measurement, In-line Instrumentation, and Industrial Controls. The Materials Analysis segment provides products and services, which enable customers to determine structure, composition, quantity, and quality of particles and materials during their research and development processes, when assessing materials before production, or during the manufacturing process.

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