The crypto investing glossary

As someone new in the crypto trading industry, it is hard to keep track or even know most of the words used by investors and traders. However, knowing the meaning of the words and what they stand for will go a long way in helping you navigate the crypto space. Address An address is a […]

Cheating among College Students

Cheating Scandals – Recently, three of the top schools in the UK have come under fire for perpetuating cheating, with claims that certain pupils and classes at these schools were given prior knowledge of upcoming exams. At one of the schools – Winchester College – the head of the art history department was suspended pending […]

Judge Says Florida Education System Making Steady Strides

On Tuesday, a Leon County court judge rejected a new proposal which broadly challenges the state’s present education system, claiming that current lawmakers had, indeed, met their constitutional obligation to provide high-quality—and free—education to students in Florida. In addition to the blanket rejection, Circuit Judge George Reynolds also questioned if he, himself, had the presumptive […]