Don Miller – Managing Editor 

Don is a lifelong Florida resident with a passion for promoting and writing about technology and finance.  He is a follower of Larry Burkett and Dave Ramsey in matters of money management and personal finance. He serves as  publisher and editor and has been published on numerous technology news, entrepreneur, sports and finance sites.

Jessica Moore – Contributor

Exploring the newest technologies and advances being explored by companies is Jessica’s dream assignment. In her articles, she covers various aspects of the tech industry in California and Washington State, as well as certain national news events.

Scott Masters– Contributor

Scott Maters spent the past 15 years working for technology startups, helping them grow their businesses and manage their operations. Today, he regularly writes about the newest trends and innovations in the science and tech industries for several notable publications.

Amy Steele – Contributor

Amy Steele is an avid environmentalist and loves to keep up with what’s happening with green technologies. Today, she focuses her writings on smaller tech companies working to make the world a greener place.

Renee Jackson – Contributor 

Renee Jackson draws on her decades of experience working with tech companies in the Chicago area to write about a wide assortment of topics under the tech umbrella. Many of her articles focus on the newest innovations in computer technology.

Doug Wharley – Contributor

Doug Wharley has spent most of his professional life employed by some of the biggest names in tech. His topics cover the latest in tech products, from the newest phones to upcoming gaming products. He also enjoys writing about advances in data security and cloud computing.

Teresa Graham – Contributor

Teresa Graham frequently blogs about the newest trends in the technology world. Video games and mobile technology are Dionne’s favorite subjects and she writes about them for several notable U.S. News outlets.