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New Google Operating System Possibly On Horizon

It looks like Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) is creating a completely new operating system. The tech blog Android Police was one of the first to report on the existence of the OS. The project’s name is Fuchsia, but no one knows quite what it’s for. There has been no official announcement from Google and the company has […]

France Goes After McDonald’s and Google

France will do everything in its power to ensure that the multinationals operating in the country pay taxes. The government said additional cases could follow after McDonald’s and Google were targeted with tax raids, said Michel Sapin the Finance Minister. Sapin ruled out any negotiating for a deal with Google for its back taxes, as […]

Microsoft and Google Agree To Stop Their Regulatory Battles

Microsoft and Google have come to an agreement to end their regulatory battles that have been going on for years and to stop making complaints to government agencies with regard to the other. Microsoft has been one of the companies that took the lead in calling for different governments to investigate Google for potential violations […]