Vine Releases Watch Button Since Scrolling is Harder Work

Twitter’s social network Vine that has turned into an entertainment platform, has announced a new way of see content on its app.

The company has introduced the “watch” button, which allows users to watch an account or channel without needing to do any scrolling. When the watch button is pressed by a user on a specific channel or account, videos from that feed will play back on a continuous basis.

The user can hold down on one video if they want it to loop a couple of times, otherwise the button will make the app play the next video on that feed.

Vine has transformed during the last few years and is more than only a social network. It follows the doctrine of Twitter with a less amount of producers that provide content for a larger number of consumers.

For example, many users do not post anything but love watching different videos and use the site regularly.

The app is now more of a platform providing entertainment such as YouTube, rather than what is considered a genuine social network.

Because of that, it makes more sense for Vine to become easier to view for users that to make it work for users to see videos.

It is worth making a note that this is reminiscent of today’s Snapchat, which autoplays in your inbox from one sender to another without any break.

Obviously, a part of the Vine format is the loop and adds to the plot or story in some form. People obsessed with the loops might be a bit upset they have to hold down to see the loop, but as with any other behavior by users, they are certain to soon forget it was any other way prior to the new manner in which it works.

Platform designers are constantly trying to add and subtract from their apps in order to lock in current users and to attract more users to their platforms.