GoBuyside Meets The Specialized Needs Of The Investment Management Industry

GoBuyside is a talent recruiting firm that specializes in finding talent for investment management companies in the financial services sector of the economy. There has been a shortage of qualified people to fill these positions for quite some time. This has led to intensive efforts to fill these positions. These shortages are not just a […]

Bitcoin’s Disruption of Online Casinos Heralds New Age for Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrency has not only risen in value but notoriety. The value of bitcoin, for example, increased by 400% in 2017, in part as a result of an increased acceptance of its worth as currency in the digital age and a growing number of retailers taking it as payment. Indeed, a symbolic milestone was achieved last […]

Which Industries Are Really Being Affected By Blockchain Technology?

In 2017, the world heard all about blockchain technology courtesy of the meteoric rise of numerous cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple. We heard promises of the way blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies were going to disrupt everything from central banks to social media. Now, with most cryptocurrency values down at least 50 percent in the […]

Should You Trade Crypto With Top Ranked Forex Brokers?

Ever since the world’s first cryptocurrency bitcoin was introduced, investors started speculating about it. Some of them even invested in it. God knows, they might have smelled something fishy. Over the passage of time, bitcoin witnessed a huge increase in its price making people who invested in bitcoin back in 2009, Billionaires by the end […]

The crypto investing glossary

As someone new in the crypto trading industry, it is hard to keep track or even know most of the words used by investors and traders. However, knowing the meaning of the words and what they stand for will go a long way in helping you navigate the crypto space. Address An address is a […]

Java in 2018: to Learn or Not to Learn

Considering getting into programming career in 2018? What language to learn first? What about Java? There is one principle, which can help you make a final decision and clearly understand what programming language is worth your time in 2018. In this article, we’re going to answer the question about Java particularly. In case you’re not […]

Max Polyakov Views on the Development of the Economics of Knowledge

Dr. Max Polyakov: Let’s talk about economics, based on knowledge. High dollar exchange rate, increases in fuel prices and low wages are some of the most pressing issues for millions of people. Where are we headed? How can we solve these economic problems? Dr. Max Polyakov, considers the scientific approach and intellectual activities to be the […]

What does the future hold for online casinos and gambling in general?

Online gambling has already become something very common as giving money on the stock market every day. While for some people it is an entertainment only, for others it is a serious business. Is it the same as land-based casinos and isn’t it dangerous to open your own web casino if you don’t want to […]

Downward Spiral of Dollar Against Euro Depress European Shares

While things were looking up on the European stock market come last Friday, trades were off to a slow start as it opened on Monday. This is due to the downward spiral the US dollar is in right now, as opposed to the euro, which keeps increasing. As a prompt result, British construction firm Carillion […]

TOP 5 Websites Where You Can Buy Cryptocurrency

These cryptocurrencies are: Monero, New Economy Movement, Litecoin and Ether. Many of these cryptocurrencies efforts tailor their currency for an individual and particular purpose such as speed, privacy and price.   Cryptocurrency trading sites Platforms that allow traders to buy and sell cryptocurrencies are cryptocurrency exchanges: a very recent and booming market. The majority of […]

Companies Try to Keep White Supremacists from Getting Money

It will be much harder going forward for white supremacist organizations to plan activities and fundraise, as the pressure mounts on companies to kick out hate groups from their services. Discover is cutting its ties with sites that are considered hate groups, it announced this week, amidst the increasing pressure on financial services to make […]

Netflix Planning to Spend $16 Billion for Content

Video streaming behemoth Netflix’s hundreds of millions of subscribers are going to have a plethora of new original series and shows to watch over the upcoming few years. It said it has obligations of $15.7 billion committed to deals for streaming content. Netflix CEO Reed Hastings announced during a recent conference that $6 billion of […]

CEO at Merck Resigns from President Trump Council

On Monday, CEO at Merck & Co. Kenneth Frazier has resigned from his seat on the American Manufacturing Council established by United States President Donald Trump. Frazier said he resigned due to extremism and intolerance. Over the weekend, a gathering in Virginia of hundreds of white supremacists became deadly Saturday when a car drove into […]

Applebee’s Shuttering More Than 100 Locations, IHOP 25

Applebee’s and IHOP are shuttering 160 locations in 2017, said DineEquity the parent company for both on Thursday. A reported by a national newspaper said that Applebee’s would shutter between 105 and 135 of its restaurants prior to 2017 year end. The company said previously that it was expecting to only close between 40 and […]

Mazda Makes Breakthrough in Engine Technology

Japanese carmaker Mazda Motor Corp. has unveiled its plans for the first ever commercial gasoline engine that uses compression ignition, that places traditional engines at the head of its strategy only days after announcing it would be developing a lineup of electric cars with Japanese based Toyota. Mazda, whose research & development budget is just […]

Shares of Paddy Power Betfair Drop as CEO Resigns

Paddy Power Betfair announced on Monday that its CEO unexpectedly had departed only approximately 18 months after the world’s largest online betting business was created in a merger of more than £5 billion. On Monday, the company released a statement that said Breon Corcoran, who is 46 and has worked 16 years in different senior […]

Anchor Brewing in San Francisco Sold to Sapporo

San Francisco based Anchor Brewing, a staple in the city by the bay since 1896, surviving prohibition, earthquakes and the ups and down of the tech industry, was sold on Thursday to Sapporo Holdings Ltd, a Japan-based company. The final terms of this deal have yet to be disclosed, but a Sapporo spokesperson said the […]

When safety comes first: Tips to keep your Credit Card Safe

When credit cards came around, they were intended to remove some of the common problems that come with carrying cash. One of the challenges that credit cards seek to eliminate is the insecurity. But as the world becomes more insecure, and thieves taking the insecurity game online, it is necessary to embrace a “safety-first” attitude […]

Square Posts Revenue That Exceeds Expectations

Square Inc. the payments company posted a jump of revenue of 26% that was better than had been expected on Wednesday, as bigger businesses used the company’s technology to process their transactions while at the same time it expanded its range of financial products offered. The company, which is based in San Francisco, and led […]

Shares of Apple Reach Record High on Strong Sales of iPhone

On Tuesday, Apple Inc. delivered strong fiscal earnings for its fiscal third quarter and signaled that its soon to be launched 10th anniversary handset lineup was on schedule. That helped drive stock in the Cupertino, California based tech giant up 6% to a high of all-time in trading afterhours. The stock reached an intraday record […]

Sony Set for Record Profit, Gives Cautious Tone

Sony Corp posted its best ever profit for the first quarter on Tuesday, as it took a big step towards its highest result for a full year in the past 20 years. Results were driven from demand from makers of smartphones for its image sensors in high-end handsets that have twin cameras on the rear. […]

Boeing Expecting 2,100 Aircraft to be Ordered by India

Boeing Co announced Monday that it is expecting airlines in India to order as many as 2,100 new planes with a value of more than $290 billion during the next two decades, calling it the largest forecast ever for the third largest economy in Asia. India is one of the fastest growing markets for aviation […]

Period Underwear Maker Thinx New CEO Starts July 31

Thinx the period underwear brand hired a new CEO hoping to clean up the company’s image. Former executive with companies like Thompson Reuters, Yahoo, Dow Jones and Fab.com Maria Molland Selby will become the new CEO as of Monday July 31. She is replacing Miki Agrawal who left Thinx in March. Agrawal, the brash Thinx […]

Apple Removing VPN Services from Its App Store in China

Apple Inc. will be removing all its virtual private network or VPN services from its Chinese app start, said providers of VPN services on Saturday. Those providers accused the tech giant, based in the U.S. of bowing to the government of China’s pressure to comply with Beijing’s strict regulations related to cyberspace and the Internet. […]

Amazon Revenue Increases 25%, Profit Does Not Follow Suit

Quarterly profit at Amazon.com fell by 77% even though its sales surged, a sign of how high the costs are of its increased dominance across the retail sector. The retailer, based in Seattle, earned its smallest profit for a quarter in close to two years. The e-commerce giant posted a profit of $197 million on […]

Coke Zero Gives Way to Coca-Cola Zero Sugar

Coca-Cola announced on Wednesday that it was stopping the production in the U.S. for Coke Zero its no-calorie carbonated soft drink and would replace it with Coca-Cola Zero Sugar it new calorie-free drink. The soda will begin reaching store shelves during August. The rollout arrives as Coca-Cola says that sales of its no- and low-sugar […]

UK Says No More Fossil-Fuel Cars by 2040

The UK became Europe’s latest country to put a deadline on the making of gasoline and diesel fueled cars as automakers like Volvo are racing to make electric vehicles or face being left behind. The government in London said it would ban the sales of fossil-fuel powered vehicles in 2040. This came after France two […]

Alphabet Leverages AI, Cloud, Mobile, and Video to Help Revenue

If technology remains ubiquitous today, the areas in which companies can earn money from it appear to be very scarce. Thus far in 2017, only a handful of sectors are reliable for generating profitable financials: AI, the cloud, streaming video and mobile advertising. Google parent, Alphabet is deep into each of the four markets. It […]

Madrid Requests Probe Over New Uber Airport Service

Over the weekend, authorities in Spain’s capital of Madrid asked the country’s anti-trust watchdog to investigate whether the new, low-cost Uber airport transfer service represents unfair competition. The request by the city council of Madrid follows the return of the ride-hailing giant to Spain’s capital last year after the competition regulator ordered the government to […]

U.S. Fines Three Airlines for Violations of Consumer Rules

American Airlines, Frontier Airlines and Delta Air Lines were all fined for violating the U.S. Department of Transportation rules for consumer protection, said the department late Friday. Frontier was fined $400,000 for its violations of disability and over-sales rules, while American was fined $250,000 for its failure to make refunds to its passengers on a […]

Coffee Recalled Due to Viagra-Like Substance Not Declared

A coffee company based in Texas has voluntarily recalled its coffee that contains an ingredient that is similar to what is found in Viagra the erectile dysfunction medication, said the United States Food and Drug Administration. After a laboratory at the FDA confirmed there was a presence in the coffee grounds of desmethyl carbodenafil, coffee […]

Qualcomm Troubles Mounting With Smartphone Makers

Qualcomm is taking big hits financially over its disputes related to licensing with Apple and market analysts expressed concern. The company posted its earnings for its fiscal third quarter this week and standing out amongst all the numbers were the different legal disputes that have caused revenues and profits to drop. The company’s earnings report […]

Volvo Increases Outlook for North America Following Strong Quarter

Volvo the truck maker based in Sweden raised its North American forecast on Wednesday following a strong quarter that saw its order intake increase across the entire group. The company’s adjusted operating income ended the quarter higher at 8.54 billion Swedish crowns equal to $1.03 billion compared to 6.13 billion crowns and beat the forecast […]

Bank of America Interest Income Falls Even After Rate Hike

The expected increase in earnings at Bank of America from increased interest rates has come to a halt. The lender, considered the most sensitive to changes in interest rates amongst U.S. banks, posted a drop in its net interest income that surprised most. Its two biggest rivals Well Fargo & Co and JPMorgan Chase & […]

Carolyn McCall Back in Media Industry to Run ITV

When Carolyn McCall left the media industry for the airline world in 2010, publishers of newspapers were being sieged from the shift of advertising to online products that took advertising revenues away from them. She is returning to run ITV, just as that same battleground has turned to television. Advertisers from cosmetics to cars to […]

Wells Fargo Misses on Revenue, Beats on Earnings

On Friday, Wells Fargo posted its quarterly earnings that for the most part beat Wall Street expectations. The San Francisco-based bank posted earnings per share of $1.07 which was above the Wall Street expected of $1.01. However, the bank missed on its revenue that ended the quarter at $22.1 billion, which was less than what […]

Visa Offering $10,000 to Restaurants to Stop Taking Cash

The Visa Cashless Challenge is on. Visa is trying to convince small restaurants, cafes as well as food trucks to stop taking cash, forcing the customer to uses digital payments, credit cards or debit cards to pay for their purchase. The credit card processing company wrote in one of its press releases that Visa was […]

FanDuel and DraftKings Call Merger Off

On Thursday, the two top operators of daily fantasy sports FanDuel and DraftKings have ended their merger plans just one month after the Federal Trade Commission sued to block the merger. The FTC, along with the California and District of Columbia attorneys general opposed the merger. They said the merger would create an entity that […]

Twitter Appoints New CFO

Twitter Inc. has chosen a former close colleague of Anthony Noto its No. 2 executive to be the company’s new chief of finance, as the microblogging giant addresses a host of vacancies that were created at the company during the last year. Ned Segal will become the CFO at Twitter during August, said the company […]

Retail Shares Plunge Following Scrapped Deal by Abercrombie

One analyst following the announcement that Abercrombie & Fitch ended its talks over a possible sale wrote he was not surprised a deal was not completed. The retailer announced during May that it was discussing a possible sale with several different bidders, which at the time were rumored to include Express and American Eagle. However, […]

CEO of Mt Gox Facing Court Trial

The chief of Mt. Gox the bitcoin exchange based in Japan will appear on Tuesday in a Tokyo courtroom to face charges of embezzlement. Authorities suspect Mark Karpeles, who was born in France, of accessing the computer system of the exchange in February of 2013 and increasing his account by over $1 million. In August […]

Facebook Building Village With Housing, Hotel and Stores

Billions of people on social network use Facebook and now the company wants to attempt to create a community in today’s real world. The internet social media giant wants to build a hotel, retail stores, housing and more at its Facebook corporate headquarters. In simpler terms, Facebook is interested in building a town of its […]

Berkshire Hathaway Attempts Takeover of Oncor

Berkshire Hathaway Inc. owned by Warren Buffett is attempting to takeover a utility in Texas were NextEra Energy Inc. the energy giant and Hunts have failed. The energy unit at Berkshire Hathaway agreed to acquire reorganized Energy Future Holdings Corp, the Oncor Electric Delivery Company parent, the largest Texas electricity transmission operator, said a statement […]

Court Fines Hobby Lobby $3 Million for Smuggled Artifacts

Hobby Lobby the retailer specializing in arts and crafts agreed on Wednesday to pay a fine of $3 million for the illegal importing of thousands of clay artifacts that were smuggled out of Iraq and into the U.S., said federal prosecutors. Along with the large fine, Hobby Lobby must forfeit large sums of cuneiform tablets, […]

Volvo Dropping Traditional Engines

Volvo became the first traditional automaker to announce the end of internal combustion engines saying that all its cars will have electric motors over the next three years. The company is best known for the emphasis it puts on driver safety, but will not kill the gas and diesel engine completely. By 2019, all Volvo […]

Auto Sales in U.S. Drop in June for Fourth Consecutive Month

On Monday, major automakers reported their fourth straight month of lower sales for new vehicle in the U.S. for June, which came in just below expectations by analysts. This despite big consumer discounts as well as looser terms for loans, providing new evidence 2017 will come up short of the records set last year for […]

Samsung Brings Back Galaxy Note 7 In Refurbished Version

The largest smartphone maker in the world, Samsung, said it was bringing back its Galaxy Note 7 in a less expensive, refurbished version starting Friday in South Korea. The giant electronics maker has decided to change the phone’s name, due to the problems it encountered with the first launch when customers reported devices bursting into […]

Amazon Promises Better and Bigger Prime Day

Amazon Prime day, the e-commerce retailer’s largest sales event for the year, will return on July 10 for the third consecutive year and ends July 12 at 3:00 a.m. An executive with Amazon said that its members loved the Prime Day event and the company has been happy with the response the first two years, […]

Cabin Crew at British Airways Starts Strike of Two Weeks

Some cabin crew members of British Airways started a strike of two weeks on Saturday over a prolonged dispute in pay, risking further damage to the brand and disruption in travel, although the airline announced that most of its passengers would still fly. Members of the airline’s mixed fleet cabin crew, which represents those who […]

Nike Confirms It Will Open an Amazon Shop

Last week Goldman Sachs hinted that a deal between Nike and Amazon was being put together. This week Nike CEO Mark Parker confirmed that the two companies are currently testing a partnership arrangement. Parker spoke about the deal while talking on a conference call to investors Thursday. Parker said that the two companies were in […]