Twitter To Relaunch Vine As Vine Camera

Twitter (NYSE:TWTR) recently announced that the mobile app Vine will be relaunched as Vine Camera in January 2017. A blog post by the Vine team said, “In January, we are transitioning the Vine app to a pared-down Vine Camera. With this camera app you will still be able to make six-second looping videos, and either post them directly to Twitter or save them to your phone.” However, starting in January, no new videos can be posted on Vine.

Vine was introduced three years ago and quickly became a worldwide phenomenon. However, its popularity has declined in recent years. Twitter announced it was closing down Vine last October, as part of Twitter’s rebranding effort, which also included firing 9 percent of Twitter’s workforce, roughly 350 employees.

Users can continue recording 6.5-second video clips using the app and will be able to share their short videos to Twitter. The videos can then be saved to the iPhone’s camera roll or shared directly on Twitter. No other Vine features will remain. Vine will cease to function as a social network. Many Vine regulars were upset about the shutdown.

Twitter is providing a way for Vine users to export their videos. Former users can now download their Vines through the camera app or through the website. The export feature is now live on the Vine iOS and Android apps, as well as the website. Vines you download from the desktop website will come with an index.html file that contains all the captions, number of likes, comments and revines. Vines downloaded from the app exclude the captions and any other additional information.

Vine Camera could be Twitter’s own version of Snapchat and Instagram stories. The company has announced plans to introduce new ways to follow favorite Vine stars on Twitter, but didn’t offer further details. Users will still be able to browse through and watch all of the Vine videos created over the years. In addition, Twitter will attempt to move the Vine user base to Twitter.