Blackjack Popularity Down, Online Casinos Taking Charge

Classic table games at casinos have been evolving with the gambling industry over the years. But in recent years, the increase of slots and online casinos has changed how people are gambling.

That means that the popularity of those iconic games has changed as well. Over the last 30 years, big changes have taken place within the industry. Land-based casinos dating back to 1987 were the big players in the industry with the king being Las Vegas and next in line Atlantic City.

However, things began changing with the digital age of gambling by adapted to 1961 and 2006 law that tried to stunt its growth.

Since 2000, not only has gambling transferred to mobile platforms and online like Euro Palace online casino, it has also increased in other markets. Gambling across Asia has become big business with Singapore and Macau now offering destinations that rival Las Vegas.

However, it is hard to believe there was a period when blackjack was king of table games in casinos, but in 1987 its share was over 75% in casinos on the Vegas strip.

However, by 2007 the figure was reduced to only 55% and today just less than 51% and dropping.

Much of that is due to the popularity of blackjack online. Along with Roulette and Texas Hold’em the game is one of the most popular played online.

Online blackjack at Euro Palace online casino has made it easier for players to remain at their home or office and not have to travel to a casino that is land based and when real-money casinos online opened and made it convenient, casinos took even more of a hit.

Baccarat however seems to be one game that has benefitted from an increase of mobile and online gambling. Baccarat held only a small 4% at casinos, but that has now increased to almost 13% this year. One theory is that the easy online and mobile access to Baccarat has introduced it to a new and wider audience.

Back in 1987 revenue from blackjack represented almost 48% of all revenues at Las Vegas casinos, with craps the next closest at 25%.

Fast forward three decades and land-based casino blackjack only produces 29% of total revenues. Online gambling is of course the major cause of this decline and it appears that it will continue eating into the land-based casino revenues across the board.

Baccarat now tops the chart as the largest money maker for land based casinos at 40%.

The trend shoes no sign of slowing down antineutron soon either. Online purveyors have consistently reported high volume of online gamers form all over the world. As the popularity continues more and more local governments are accepting the inevitable.  Online gaming is here to stay. It is only a matter of time before a policy of “if you cant beat them, join them philosophy takes hold. Where the is money to be made via taxes – governments find a way.