TOP 5 Websites Where You Can Buy Cryptocurrency

These cryptocurrencies are: Monero, New Economy Movement, Litecoin and Ether. Many of these cryptocurrencies efforts tailor their currency for an individual and particular purpose such as speed, privacy and price.


Cryptocurrency trading sites

Platforms that allow traders to buy and sell cryptocurrencies are cryptocurrency exchanges: a very recent and booming market. The majority of these platforms are relatively new and one of the essential questions that people ask is how to know if a particular platform is safe or not. The following best cryptocurrency trading sites can answer all your questions about that:

1. eToro.

“Trade with confidence on the world’s leading social trading network” is the trademark motto of the most popular cryptocurrency exchange site. Founded in 2006 in Tel Aviv, eToro is more than multi-asset brokerage and social trading, that has headquarters in Israel, the UK and Cyprus. It enjoys an international reach and holds licenses in all of the markets it is present in. eToro also gives individuals the opportunity to try their luck and trade cryptocurrency in Forex, stock CFDs or cryptocurrencies and has an active accounts count of over 4 million.  And unlike a casino where you play free slots no deposit, here you have the chance to make some good money.

2. AvaTrade.

Dedicated to providing clients with tailor-made solutions for trading regardless of any previous experience or knowledge, AvaTrade is one of the most recognized names in the trading world (including cryptocurrency) and a regulated Forex broker. You can create an account easily with a few clicks and be ready for trading within minutes. The site also offers cryptocurrency news and a massive amount of literature for those not so familiarized with the art of trading.  Besides that, there are 250 trading instruments available starting with fiat currency, CFDs, bonds and cryptocurrency.

3. easyMarkets.

Founded in 2001, easyMarkets has a globe wide network of offices, including Warsaw, Sydney, Limassol and Shanghai. The trading site is regulated by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission and the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission. The two main platforms gave users trading options based on their preferences. You are allowed to exchange cryptocurrencies using any computer from just about anywhere around the world. It also features a deal cancellation which is a risk-free tool that can be efficiently used to shield your account and get your investments back if the market moves against your choices.

4. Trade360.

Innovative platform for trading that uses advanced trading techniques and tools to analyze data to put an emphasize on the wisdom and knowledge inherent in an extended organization of traders in cryptocurrency. The “crowd trading” concept examines the real-time movements and behaviour of the collective, which is translated into market trends that are more quickly and accurately. Trade360 Ltd. is on the cryptocurrency market starting with 2013 and it has a group of experienced individuals in the fields of trading and technology who happened to share a vision and started collaborating to make it become reality.

5. 24option.

24option is an easy-to-use user-friendly trading feature that marks out of the competitive foreign exchange market with a full-featured platforms, flexible trading conditions, and 24/7 support. It is easy to see why they became a well-established brokerage in the binary options market and it will not be surprising to see them as a popular choice for client benefits.

Security first 

The only way that you can find out how safe it is to trade cryptocurrencies is to check if the exchange provides transparent data of the coins that are in cold storage. What this means is, whether it has the reserves that it requires to provide liquidity to its activities. You can find check this easily by checking whether an exchange is regulated or not.

Considering the above-mentioned features that top trading platforms have to offer when you decide to access cryptocurrency trading sites look for a platform that offers an advanced collection of analytical and technical tools. These features will help to enhance your trading experience.