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Kid-Friendly Search Engine In Hot Water with LGBT Groups

It was only a matter of time that the internet would become so prolific that we would need a better way for children to access it. Thus was born Kiddle, the child-friendly search engine. Kiddle combines the tech of Google’s Safe Search filter with curated, editorially-controlled keyword and site blacklists. While this may sound like […]

Better Balance of Gut Bacteria Could Protect Against Chronic Malnutrition

Studies have shown that there are both good and bad bacteria living inside our bodies. The good bacteria actually help to maintain healthy function and a new study suggests that manipulating these bacteria could actually help millions of children who suffer from chronic malnutrition. The research says that introducing or encouraging the right balance of […]

Leap Motion Goes “Hands-On” with Orion Hardware (Both Virtually, and Literally)

What we have come to understand about “virtual reality” is that we experience a world that is not our own: it is a digitized version of perception. We can “see” and “hear” things in a space that has been completely fabricated by a computer which might respond to what we say or how we move. […]

Should Iran Be Held Equally Responsible for Oil Glut?

Movement in the oil market is usually a good predictor of economic across the globe, so when some of the biggest oil producers on the planet get together and agree to freeze their output—at January levels—in order to reign in what is soon to become a surplus—and prevent falling prices in the process—it definitely shakes […]

Google Is Shutting Down Google Play For Education on Tablets, Opting to Focusing on Chromebooks Instead

Any successful company—any successful entrepreneur—knows that longevity, that is to say long term relevance, lies within a company’s ability to adapt. Sometimes the market changes and you have to figure out how to get in front of the wave. Sometimes, though, you develop a strategy that, unfortunately, simply underperforms. Google knows this firsthand as, at […]

Second Consecutive Day of Decline Marks Concern for Future of Community Health Systems

Shares of Community Health Systems Inc fell dramatically today, posting a sharp 24 percent decline in premarket trading. On Monday, America’s No 2 for-profit hospital posted its first surprising loss and today followed suit.   And it seems other hospital operators—including HCA Holdings, Inc, and Tenet Healthcare Corp—were also vulnerable. Apparently, analysts and investors are both […]

Wake Forest Team 3D Prints Human Organs

The novelty of 3D printing is that you can, in a way, teleport an object from one location to another, at great distance, in just a matter of minutes. Of course, the materials you make with a 3D printer will really only be replicas of the real thing, made out of a synthetic fiber, similar […]

Your Netflix Account Could be For Sale on the Black Market

Most people probably would never consider Netflix a luxury items. After all, it only costs less than $8 per month. But, apparently, there are some people in the world who are able to get access to streaming movies and hit television series through Netflix for far less. Like, for $0.25 per account. Yes, twenty-five cents; […]

Time Acquires Myspace Owner, Viant

The days of Myspace have come and gone but even if it seems like nobody is using it, the site is apparently large enough to be of interest to the likes of Time Inc, who just acquired the firm that owns the aged social network, Viant. Viant has actually been quite profitable in the process […]

Barrington Cuts Regal Entertainment Group’s Price Target

In a note, Thursday morning, Barrington Research dropped the target price for Regal Entertainment Group (NYSE: RGC) from $24.00 to $21.00. Currently, the firm has rated the stock to outperform. Of course, Regal Entertainment Group manages a circuit of cinemas in the United States consisting of a total of 7,367 screens spread through 574 theatres […]

Netflix Finishes Migration to AWS Public Cloud Servers

Streaming video giant Netflix announced this week that they have finally completed its full cloud migration, shutting down its final data center in the process. The long-awaited conclusion to the process comes several months late: Netflix had originally announced, last August, they would shut down its final data center by the end of the summer, […]

Google Announces New VR Device Developments

The Google Cardboard VR prototype was a practical—if not kitschy—way to introduce everyday users to the growing world of virtual reality. The basic function was to use specially cut-out cardboard to enclose your smartphone, which you could use as your eyes. The cardboard acted as a mask or helmet to block out peripheral vision and […]

Google Moves Forward on Self-Driving Vehicles—Announces Job Openings

Google (or Alphabet Inc) has just announced dozens of new job openings for its Google X autonomous vehicle project (also known as “self-driving cars”). Indeed, the company is planning to expand testing to include not only its home-town of Mountain View, CA and its current R&D city of Austin, TX, but they are planning to […]

Retail Numbers Higher than Expected

Reports show numbers across the retail industry are on the rise, increasing more than expected last month despite several obstacles, including falling gas prices, the major snowstorm in the Northeast, and slow job growth. According to the US Department of Commerce, sales jumped up 0.2 percent, which is twice the gain economists had expected. While […]

Investors Clamor As Victoria’s Secret CEO Suddenly Announcement Resignation

In a shocking surprise, this morning, Victoria’s Secret CEO Sharen Jester Turney suddenly announced her resignation after 16 years with the world’s most well known lingerie clothing line. She took over for CEO in 2006 after serving as president and CEO of Victoria’s Secret Direct. In an official statement, she said “After 16 years and […]

Visa Discloses All of Its Stake in Mobile Payment Startup Square

Shares of Square Inc rallied on Friday after an announcement from Visa Inc which revealed how much the company has invested in the Jack Dorsey-owned mobile payments startup. In early morning trades, Friday, shares reached a high of $9.84, which is up a whopping 13 percent above its IPO price, which was $9 per share […]

Can Your Smartphone Predict An Earthquake?

Your smartphone can do anything. Outside of the communication tools that mobile devices have been providing for several decades now, the latest smartphones can do so much more to make your life a little easier. Sure, they still have calculators and flashlights and alarm clocks, but there are so many apps now designed to help […]