Intel Acquires Itseez to Continue Expanding IoT And Autonomous Car Technologies

Chip maker Intel has been making strides to increase its relevance in the emerging Internet of Things and, particularly, the autonomous car industry.  This was the reasoning behind the company’s acquisition of Itseez, a startup focused on computer vision and machine learning. While this is the only information the company has made available to the […]

Apple Announces Plans to Continue Apple Pay Expansion in Asia and Europe

Digital payment systems are still quite new but the market is quickly expanding.  Apple Pay, for example, is currently only available in six countries but the tech giant is looking to expand to many more in the years to come. According to Apple Pay vice president Jennifer Bailey. She recently has detailed that the company […]

Google iOS Update Brings “AMP”ed Ads to Apple Users

On Friday, Google released an updated version of its app on Apple iOS today.  The company now claims that the update brings iPhone users improvements to both speed and performance, with optimizations that will save users “a combined 6.5 million hours,” by the end of the year.  According to Google vice president of product management, […]

Facebook, Microsoft To Build Biggest Sub-Atlantic Network Cable To Expand Internet Availability

It looks like Microsoft and Facebook are teaming up to build a new, state-of-the-art cable to stretch across—or through—the Atlantic ocean. The “Marea” cable is aimd to help meet the increased demand for reliable, high-speed connections for both standard online and cloud services used by Microsoft, Facebook, and their growing customer bases. “As the world […]

Just How Biodegradable Is “Biodegradable Plastic”?

Plastic may be durable and pliable and buoyant but it also contributes to pollution. This is particularly true in the ocean’s of the world where plastic elements are widely known for unifying into massive structures like the Great Garbage Patch of the Pacific Ocean. But, biodegradable plastics were supposed to put a stop to this, […]

Could An Implantable Opioid Addiction Treatment Be Available Soon?

The United States is on the brink of a full-blown opioid epidemic and medical professionals are scrambling to stay ahead of the trend. Of course, one strategy is to increase education and awareness to try and keep people away from these drugs. At the same time, it is possible that opioid prescriptions may have been […]

Microsoft Says Cortana is for Bing and Edge Searches Only

This week Microsoft started blocking rival browsers as well as search providers from using the Cortana search box in Windows 10. Cortana is the prime search area for the operating system. Microsoft on a post to its company blog said that to ensure it can deliver integrated search engine experiences designed for the operating systems […]

Vine Releases Watch Button Since Scrolling is Harder Work

Twitter’s social network Vine that has turned into an entertainment platform, has announced a new way of see content on its app. The company has introduced the “watch” button, which allows users to watch an account or channel without needing to do any scrolling. When the watch button is pressed by a user on a […]

Six Flags To Add Virtual Reality To Nine Coasters Across the Country

The Six Flags theme parks have transformed the way we think about “roller coasters.” As a matter of fact, some of their attractions are so outrageous (and different) that the term “roller coaster” doesn’t accurately describe them. Of course, that is mostly because many of these rides no longer simply “coast”; but they do offer […]

Kid-Friendly Search Engine In Hot Water with LGBT Groups

It was only a matter of time that the internet would become so prolific that we would need a better way for children to access it. Thus was born Kiddle, the child-friendly search engine. Kiddle combines the tech of Google’s Safe Search filter with curated, editorially-controlled keyword and site blacklists. While this may sound like […]

Leap Motion Goes “Hands-On” with Orion Hardware (Both Virtually, and Literally)

What we have come to understand about “virtual reality” is that we experience a world that is not our own: it is a digitized version of perception. We can “see” and “hear” things in a space that has been completely fabricated by a computer which might respond to what we say or how we move. […]

Google Is Shutting Down Google Play For Education on Tablets, Opting to Focusing on Chromebooks Instead

Any successful company—any successful entrepreneur—knows that longevity, that is to say long term relevance, lies within a company’s ability to adapt. Sometimes the market changes and you have to figure out how to get in front of the wave. Sometimes, though, you develop a strategy that, unfortunately, simply underperforms. Google knows this firsthand as, at […]

Your Netflix Account Could be For Sale on the Black Market

Most people probably would never consider Netflix a luxury items. After all, it only costs less than $8 per month. But, apparently, there are some people in the world who are able to get access to streaming movies and hit television series through Netflix for far less. Like, for $0.25 per account. Yes, twenty-five cents; […]

Netflix Finishes Migration to AWS Public Cloud Servers

Streaming video giant Netflix announced this week that they have finally completed its full cloud migration, shutting down its final data center in the process. The long-awaited conclusion to the process comes several months late: Netflix had originally announced, last August, they would shut down its final data center by the end of the summer, […]

Google Announces New VR Device Developments

The Google Cardboard VR prototype was a practical—if not kitschy—way to introduce everyday users to the growing world of virtual reality. The basic function was to use specially cut-out cardboard to enclose your smartphone, which you could use as your eyes. The cardboard acted as a mask or helmet to block out peripheral vision and […]

Google Moves Forward on Self-Driving Vehicles—Announces Job Openings

Google (or Alphabet Inc) has just announced dozens of new job openings for its Google X autonomous vehicle project (also known as “self-driving cars”). Indeed, the company is planning to expand testing to include not only its home-town of Mountain View, CA and its current R&D city of Austin, TX, but they are planning to […]